Customized Automation and Robotics

We have been producing automatic solutions for industries for over 18 years: from electric boards of any dimension to mechanical on board machine systems, from hardware and software design to the installation of photovoltaic equipment.

Every project is unique, built step by step together with the client, who always plays a leading role during every stage of development. This “artisanal” custom-made working method makes us flexible and versatile but most of all, we move away from the boredom and imperfections of mass produced products.




We produce control software for PC or PLC which, thanks to extremely intuitive interfaces, allow the user to have complete control of both machines and automation, monitoring the working status and the efficiency of the system at any time.

Impianti bordo macchina

On board machine systems

Neat and efficient, designed to facilitate today’s workload, programmed for tomorrow’s installations and future ones, too.



Every design phase of the electrical boards is carried out by our dedicated in-house technical office.

Quadri di comando

Control panels

Every control panel meets the specific needs which vary according to each client and their final end-use.

Impianti fotovoltaici

Photovoltaic installations

We produce roof, ground or canopy roof mounted photovoltaic panels up to 200 Kwp of power.

Areas of application

The flexibility of our work methods and many years of experience, together with our specialist knowledge and enthusiasm has allowed us to trade in different industrial environments and sectors.

Today, in particular, we work in the following sectors:

  • food and wine industry
  • air and water treatment
  • suction
  • iron processing
  • wood working
  • energy saving

For each sector we have created projects and automation which have increased productivity and improved the precision of each machine.

Areas of application


Certifying the quality of our work is a daily commitment, a strategic choice in which we truly believe.
The certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and c-UL-us 2018 confirm our value and quality.

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