Machine board systems

Machine board systems

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and the selection of very high quality materials we are able to produce systems for production lines, for automatic machines and pre-wired systems. We also design Atex panels for use in areas with a high risk of explosion.

Many of our panels also provide access to tax deductions of 250% when referring to the Industry regulation 4.0.

on production lines

When it is necessary to manage an entire line of machines we produce the electrical panel directly at the client’s premises.
This type of installation allows for the unique and integrated control of the entire line, optimizing interaction times between man and machine and improving production quality.

on automatic machines

We connect our panels to utilities present on the machines, in order to guarantee total management directly from the control panel.
In addition to the quality of our product, we also care about its aesthetics, for this reason we use sheaths on cables and other materials.


We produce pre-wired systems to be mounted directly onto the machine.
This activity is particularly useful in the case of production lines: the customer only needs to order using a unique code without worrying about its details, considerably reducing the management of storage codes and speeding up the assembly of the machine.


Every step of the project is carried out in close collaboration with the client.
This allows us to create a solution that truly answers the needs of a company or of a particular industrial sector.

Our design office is equipped with a CSD station with EPLAN software and three CAD stations with SPAC software.
The final product documentation is created using symbols conforming to current regulations in force in the country where the product is destined to go. Furthermore, the documentation for wiring diagrams, statements of conformity and instruction manuals are translated into the main European languages.

Control panels

Quadro di comando

We always design “unique pieces”, always different from one another as they are customized for our clients. The control panels are designed and personalised depending on their final destination and on the functionalities which they are designed for and they are completed with the electrical design and the programming of electronic systems.

The correct functioning of a control panel is confirmed by several testing phases both within ProgeCo and at the installation site. Finally, the after-sales support service guarantees constant technical support.

Photovoltaic equipment

Impianti fotovoltaici

Energy saving is a particularly important topic to us, and this is why over recent years we have taken a step in the direction of the photovoltaic world, installing the first panels on the roof of the ProgeCo headquarters.

From that moment we embarked on a project running alongside our “usual” activity, to improve efficiency for our clients and to offer an even more complete and especially green service.


Quality is very important, both for us and our clients. In order to achieve the highest results in each project and to better organise our production departments, in 2008 we adopted the ISO quality management system, which today allows us to deal with every new challenge with method and precision.

The quality management system is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and this certification was obtained for the design and production of electrical panels and industrial automation systems.

We have also recently obtained the c-UL-us 2018 n° NITW.E493797 certification, which confirms the quality of our work in the production of control panels and industrial control boards.

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